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5G Technology with 10 Gbps Network connections

The technology world is going too fast. After the 4G LTE, we people are going to see the new massive network 5G. 5G Networks are also known as Tactile Internet. 2G networks were brought up in 1991, the first 3G network rocked the world in 2001 and the 4G advanced network system came in 2012, but within a short period of time, almost 5 years 5G network is planned to be brought up by 2020 in London. 4G Network was not known by many of us since it was confused with LTE. But the 5G networks are going to rock the future technology!

Chinese mobile giant Huawei says that 5G will be 1000 times faster than fastest 4G LTE. Several mobile networks are working to be a part of the new 5G network, as it’s in the very early stage of development. The 5G performance is found to have 10Gbps network speed and 100 mbps speed for edge networks. 5G Network is said to have all the old wireless technologies like HSDPA, WiFi, LTE and additionally a new technology known as Radio Access Technology (RAT).

Freaking Terms about 5G:

  • Smart antennas
  • Group cooperative relay
  • Pervasive networks 
  • Cognitive radio technology
  • Wireless mesh networking 
  • Dynamic ad-hoc networking
  • Millimetre-Wave technologies
  • Future PHY / MAC
  • Massive MIMO

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