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5 Advanced SEO Settings for Blogspot Blogs

For Blogger users some simple SEO settings may help you in increasing ranking and attract readers to your blog. No matter how great the content on your site is, you will not get any of it in search results if you don’t apply SEO tactics. SEO makes your content visible to the outside world. Therefore, for your content to actually bring in any traffic, you need SEO. I will discuss some basic SEO settings for blogger platform.

Adding Meta Tags Description

Adding a meta tags description will help people to know more about your blog when they search on search engines. This description will be displayed just below your blog link (URL) in search engines. So, lets see how to add the description.

  • Goto your blog Dashboard
  • Click on settings, then on Search Preferences.
  • Under the Meta Tags you have a option for Description, Enable it and add information about your blog. Try to make it short and simple.

Add Custom 404 Page Message

404 is an Error code, which is shown when you’re redirected or directed to a broken or nonexistent link. Is it recommended to setup a custom message or html redirection code to it. And I also recommend to add 2 article links of your blog, which is more successful 🙂

Steps to setup a Custom 404 Page Message

  • Goto your blog dashboard
  • Then goto settings, goto search preferences under “Errors and redirections” section click on “Custom Page Not Found”. It’s default as not set, click on Edit and set it 🙂

Add Robot.txt

It’s a file with your site to index and crawl your links by search engines. you can check it at .

  • Goto Blog Dashboard, then to setting and then to Search Preferences, Click on Custom robot.txt
  • Now copy the below piece code text and paste it there.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Make sure you edit the red colour test with your site link, and set the numbers according to your posts. Learn more about sitemap : Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Engines

Add Meta Description to All Blog Posts

Adding a meta tags description to your blog posts will help people to know more about it when they search on search engines. It’s a short excerpt of your post summary.

When you write any Blog posts, Make sure that your set all the settings of right side menu correctly. One such thing is Search Description.

  • Goto Blog Dashboard
  • Click on posts and choose any post
  • On right side you will find Search description
  • Click on it and Add a short description about your post.

Add Custom robots header tags

This just an small setting to improve your SEO skills. Just follow the steps.

  • Goto Blog Dashboard, then to setting and then to Search Preferences, click on Custom robots header tags
  • Now Just see the below pic and tick the boxes and save it.
And that’s it keep posting quality article and your articles will jump to google’s first page 🙂

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