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Youtube Monetization – Adsense Earnings not updating Problem Fixed

If you have a youtube channel with good amount of visitors in it then you can make tons of money from it, without doing anything. So, After you setup your account for monetization and link an adsense account to it for earning the main issue you come across is your youtube video gets many views daily and to your ads as well and the estimated earnings group up in youtube analytics but your adsense balance remains zero. Don’t worry you are not alone among the 1000s who face the same issue. This issue was an update of april 2013, untill that the earning were shown in adsense, but after april 2013 the earnings are added to your adsense account only at end of the month. So, don’t worry your earnings are counted in google’s data. However there is a simple way to check your daily earnings, Let’s see what is it….. Sign in to your adsense account and click on “view reports” at left bottom of your home page.
youtube adsense









Then click on days below the graph and select “Products”.

youtube adsense
Now click on “Hosted adsense for content” and you will see your total earnings. Adjust the time period above and check your all day earnings.

Note: After you click on product a page opens, and  that is not the page you are looking for, click on “Hosted adsense for content” after which you will get your finalized earning reports.

youtube adsense
To Check Real time stats click on “Dates Range” tab at top right corner. And click on “all time” under “Quick Dates” then click on Apply. Then you will get the data below up to time 🙂 As shown below!
youtube adsense









And that is your total earnings. Thanks for Reading !

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