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Youtube 301+ view count freeze – Quick Fix

Youtube 301+ view count freeze

Youtube is the biggest video sharing website which enables its users to upload, view and share videos. Recently in january 2014 youtube has gone a major updates on many factors, one such update was of view count’s new algorithm. Before the view counter was a normal tracking system, which  was used by many people to increase the views of their video because even with a refresh the view counts up and also with bots like jingling, python bots,etc .This was used by many people to gain more views to their video and make it popular. So the new algorithm which youtube bought is excellent, no one can cheat this new tracking system & Usage of bots leads to deletion of your video.

From this thing your newly uploaded video’s view count freezes at 300 or 301+ or 340 and some time between 500 to 600. This is because your videos are played less than youtube’s minimum playback counter timings. This problem can be understood by the following sentences…

So, the new algorithm is as follows….

Now youtube has 2 view counters ( only one but for us it looks like two ) one which is just below and the other one is inside the video manager (main counter) which can also be opened by clicking on more, then statistics which is just below the video with share & description. Below is a screenshot of these.

youtube view counters

Let us name the view counter below the video as VC1 and the main one inside as VC2 for our convenience. Now to the point, VC1 functions as the old view counter, which can be increased by page refreshing or bots! But not more than 300, after 300 views, this counter shows as “301+ views”.

Actually the videos are classified into 3 types, short video, medium length videos and long videos. usually short videos does not face this problem ( less than 1 mint). but the medium and long size videos have some restrictions. Now comes the VC2’s main function, this counter counts only the playback of the video which is more than the youtube’s minimum playback counter, i.e, medium length videos which is 1 to 10 mins long should be played for atleast 30 seconds then only the views are counted in VC2, and for long videos it should be played for 2 mins ( more than 10 mins videos).


Oh! ufff ??? Now what to do ????

Don’t worry !! I have a solution for you 🙂

We can fix this issue by a simple logic, because Youtube counts the views : Not the visitors.
This is a main point to be noted, so that we can get rid of this VC freeze 🙂

Now coming to solution, you can unfreeze this VC1 by playing your video more than 300 times , more than youtube’s minimum playback counter timings. You can do this by some AutoSurf sites like Websyndic, Otohits.

Note: VC2 Updates only after 48hrs. so be patient till the view count unfreezes. 

That’s all !!! It’s done !!!

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