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WINDOWS 10 : The Incredible Operating System

The Famous Windows operating system which has 1.5 billion users around the world has recently announced the official release of windows 10. The first question that arises in your mind is “What about windows 9 ?”, Well the skip of windows 9 is to show you the features and advancement from windows 8 which struggled to to be user-friendly. Windows 10 unlocks some great features for people to connect around the world with new experiences. Windows 10 will be available for 4 inch mobiles to 80 inch super computers. And will adopt to the device in which it is installed, giving us right experience. It is the most comprehensive platform of window ever. Below is a pic from windows about the logo (same of windows 8) and the devices which support windows 10 (almost all 😛 ).

windows 10

The main Objectives of Windows 10:

Back to the old Start Menu

Many people did not like the start menu format of windows, rather it was the main drawback of windows 8, which is overcome by windows 10 which has both the lookouts as of older windows versions and windows 8, below is a pic of windows 10’s start menu 🙂
windows 10 start menu

A New Window for Everything

This is a new feature of windows 10, where everything runs in a window like games, calender, messaging, news, weather,etc.. This window can be customized.
windows 10 new window

Multiple Desktop

Like new smart phones have multiple windows opened and used at the same time, windows 10 have multiple desktop, which enables you to run different things at the same time, this is a new feature to the computer world.
windows 10 multiple desktop

New Task Bar

Windows 10 brings us new task bar, with new icon views, which can easily differentiate between pinned icons, opened icons, and manage multiple desktops.
 windows 10 new task bar

Windows 10 is expected to be released in early 2015. The tech version of windows 10 is available in windows website which can be used in virtual machines, like Vmware workstation by us. This version has many limitations, The pro version is expected to be online December. Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most impressive OS ever.

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