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How To Add Google Analytics To Your Blog

Google Analytics

Hi Bloggers, Every Bloggers success lies in their visitors of their blog, so today I will show you how to add you blog to Google Analytics and track your visitors more Perfectly & Accurately! Google Analytics is an awesome tracking software which gives you micro tracking units upto district level graphic maps and Real time stats & much more. The page views you see in blogger dashboard is just an overview but you get awesome features in google analytics.

Major Features of Google Analytics:

  • Advertising and Campaign Performance
  • Analysis and Testing
  • Audience Characteristics and Behavior
  • Cross-device and cross-platform measurement
  • Data Collection and Management
  • Mobile apps
  • Product Integrations
  • Sales and Conversions
  • Site and App Performance
Let’s see how to setup google analytics to your blog!
Click on Access Google Analytics
Sign up with your google account & Fill up all the details about your site.
After that you’ll be redirected to google analytic dashboard.Goto Admins tab.
Check whether your site name appears under property tab, which you entered while signup, if not select it. Then click on “Tracking info” then “Tracking code” (As shown below)Google analytics admin panel
Now you have two options to link it with your blog 🙂Method 1 [Easy Method]

After you click on “tracking code” you’ll be redirected to page with your Tracking ID.

Google analytics integration







Just copy it, come to blogger go to “Settings” then “Others”.

Scroll down you will find Google Analytics ID paste the code there and save!

Method 2

Copy the tracking script below and go to blogger, templates, edit html, scroll to bottom. Paste it before “</body>” tag. can save it!

Google analytics blogger setup







Done! Now it’s time to check your traffic 🙂

Goto Google Analytics dashboard and goto Reporting tab.

Now at left-side you can see tabs of different statics overall audience, real time viewers extra!

google analytics report








Thank you! Enjoy Blogging 🙂

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