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5 Things you should do after you sign-up on Facebook


Facebook is the biggest social networking media in the world, It has about 1.5 billion users, and 10 million daily users. Most of us have an Facebook account. But you need atleast 1 month to get to know all the features of Facebook. Many people browse facebook without knowing the real experience you could get for it. Many people use facebook to connect with peoples, family and friends, some of them use it for business and marketing. Through facebook you can build up an organisation of any kind to gather people of same aspect of yours through Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups.

5 things to learn in FACEBOOK:

Complete your Profile

After you create an Facebook account the first thing to be done is to completely fill up all the details which facebook collects from you, this can be useful for your old friends to find you & new friends to know about you. And it also helps you to find people of your same taste, ex: Music, Famous personalities, etc…


To ensure high security you must turn on Login notifications to your mail and mobile phone. Next step is to step up trusted browsers, so that hackers can’t access your account from a new computer, while you can do it by some simple processes. Still Hacker’s have a chance to get access to your account, so there is another option in facebook to setup Trusted contacts, through which you can select some of your friends who you can trust in process of your account recovery, when it is hacked. So that if your account is hacked, you can ask your friends to recover it through this URL.
All these settings can be done in Account’s Security Settings.


Choosing your Privacy is more important, so that unwanted persons cannot access to your profile and your details without your permission. Here you can setup who can contact you via messages, who can send you friend request, who can view your pics and comments, etc.. You can also block people in Facebook so that they can’t connect you in Facebook in any manner.
Manage your Privacy settings.

Apps you connect to your Account

Your account can be Hacked through some dangerous apps, which you through some website for easy sign up or to fill up your details. These apps send some trojans to your account, sometimes to your computer also, through downloads.

Usage of Autolikers or Auto commenters, followers, etc…

These are the most dangerous attackers of your facebook account, when you generate a access token and give them to access your site, the site gets full access to your account, that they can send friend requests for your account, post status, or do anything they want… You have to be very careful with these site, because sometimes they scam on your groups. In short they can misuse your account and bring disgrace to your account.

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